What's this?
FolderList it's a simple script, written in PHP language to show and interact with folder content.
What license?
FolderList is sharing under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. That's mean, you can use it in any space and that as you want.
Remember about mention of the author!
How many costs?
FolderList, although it doesn't contain ads, and of its development author doesn't derive any benefits that the script is quite free!
Embedded icons, system security, multilanguage that's just some of the advantages. Written in HTML5 and CSS3 but works on Internet Explorer web browser!
Style editing or communicates. Ability to disable the display of the selected files and folders.
Small sizes!
Although fairly extended system and the amount of functions, FolderList contain in only one file, containing settings, communicates and icons too!

Changelog of all versions

FolderList v2.2

  • New .pl domain
  • Changed security when choose not available translation to security per string
  • Fixed world break in h1
  • Simplified showing page load time
  • [GitHub][Cysioland] Changed equals in passwor checking

FolderList v2.1

  • New License - Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
  • Added password security working on sessions
  • Added Deutsch language witch "de" code
  • Added "generator" metatag (removed by mistake)
  • Changed sequence elements in script to boost up speed
  • Changed equals in ifs to more correctly
  • Changed name of variables to make code more readable
  • Changed doubled spacebars to tabs
  • Fixed display property to link
  • Fixed PHP standards in "Extension" function and getting folder info
  • Fixed missing 4th arguments in DrawTableRow function
  • Removed few variables to make script lighter
  • Minimized ifs to minimize size of script
  • Now script works perfectly under other name, not "index.php" only
  • Now code is avalibe on GitHub, removed .lnk from repository

FolderList v2.0

  • New Bootstrap theme!
  • Added security when choose not exists translation
  • Added function to check correct files sizes (B, KB, MB, KB)
  • Added back arrow where user doesnt have access
  • Added page load time in footer with toogle in settings (default disabled)
  • Added icons to many extensions
  • Fixed icons to files with upper letters extensions
  • Fixed vertical aligment of icons
  • Fixed non displayed footer where user doesnt have access
  • Fixed CSS issue with filename line break
  • Fixed footer margin
  • Fixed permament "pl" lang in HTML tag
  • Changed link in footer from creator website to this website
  • Changed languages codes to: en, pl, ru
  • Changed image show style from long base64 (minimized receive HTML code)
  • Removed useless translations lines
  • Minimized footer text
  • Simplified "generator" metatag
  • Improvements in embedded images in script code

FolderList v1.0

  • First release
  • Included icons in PHP code embedded in base64
  • Output protection above the script folder
  • More others...


Creator: M. Kucharskov
Translations: P. Kowalczyk, NovemberGirl
Idea: Encode Explorer
Check on GitHub